STEMscopes Log-in

Click on the following link to log-in to StemScopes. Your user name will be the same as your Google Account (first two letters of your last name, 21, first 4 letters of your first name followed by STEMscopes Log-in

Garden Pics and Earthworms

This directory link has pictures of our school garden and pictures of our outdoor lab activity involving earthworms. Please sign in to your account to view the images.

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

Please check out this carbon footprint calculator from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to calculate your family’s carbon footprint. Find out what your family is already doing to lower their carbon footprint and learn 14 Easy Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint from National Geographic.

Science Test – Wed., March 28

Students will take a test on rocks and the rock cycle, minerals, weathering, and erosion this Wednesday, March 28. Students should complete the test review that was handed out in class on Monday, March 26 to prepare for the assessment.

Test-taking Strategies

There are many useful test-taking strategies to help students reduce their stress and do better on tests. Do2Learn offers several strategies to¬†¬†prepare children to know what to expect on a test, how to maneuver the test format, and how to analyze test questions that may help them to become less anxious and improve performance. Check […]

Citing Images MLA Style

The following document is a quick reference on how to cite images in Noodle Tools. Don’t forget to cite any information, images, etc. that isn’t your own creation. Avoid plagiarism! How to Cite Images in a Presentation by Megan Birdsong

Can We Live Forever?

Check out this TED video featuring Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn on Telomeres and Aging. Reducing chronic stress could be key to giving us a chance of living a healthy long life.

Chemistry Test – Dec. 11

Students will have a chemistry test on Monday, Dec. 11. Please complete the test review and take the 3 STEMscopes assessments by Friday, Dec. 8 in preparation for Monday’s test on chemistry.