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Unit 1 – Ecology
What do Dragonflies eat?
Midges connect aquatic and terrestrial food webs
Microbes at Work
Pond Ecosystems
Pond Ecosystem Example
Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria with Peas, Beans and Family
Save the Plankton, Breathe Freely
Garden Food Webs
Garden Food Chains

Ecology News
Impact of Habitat Loss on Species
Main Types of Habitat Loss
Corridors Increase Biodiversity
State of Birds – 2016
Jaguars in the U.S. and Mexico
Coral Reefs in Trouble

Natural Hazards

As Harvey’s Floodwaters Recede, How Should Houston Rebuild?
Rebuilt levees don’t meet goal to protect New Orleans against Category 5 hurricane

Pebble Mine – Bristol Bay, Alaska

EPA 2014 Final Assessment of Proposed Pebble Mine
What Salmon Eat and What Eats Salmon
Mount Polley Mine Disaster in British Columbia
A huge salmon die-off is happening — and our cars might be responsible
Colorado Gold Mine Spill
Gold Mining
Environmental Risks of Mining
Ecosystem Models
MIKE SHE Hydrology Modeling
EPA Review of Withdrawing Restrictions
Map of Proposed Pebble Mine
Why is Bristol Bay important for salmon?
Bristol Bay Blog, Part 1: Understanding Remote, Wild Waters
Salmon Ecosystems and Mining
Northern Dynasty Fact Sheet on Pebble Mine Project
Northern Dynasty Presentation on Pebble Mine Project
Pebble Mine History and Location
Bristol Bay, Alaska
The Pebble Project – Bristol Bay
Bristol Bay Fishermen Association
An Assessment of Potential Mining Impacts on Salmon Ecosystems of Bristol Bay, Alaska
$500B Alaskan Gold and Copper Mine in Upstream Battle with EPA, Salmon Advocates