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Garden Salsa

Ingredients: 5-8 whole tomatoes  1-4 serrano peppers*      * You can take out the seeds if desired but use gloves. I just leave the seeds in when I make salsa, but I remove them when I eat chiles by themselves. Don’t touch the seeds or chiles with your bare hands, if possible. Definitely don’t touch your eyes after […]

7th Grade Science Course Outline

Please click on the link below to access the course outline for Mr. Fitzgerald’s 7th grade science class.

Garden Pics and Earthworms

This directory link has pictures of our school garden and pictures of our outdoor lab activity involving earthworms. Please sign in to your account to view the images.

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

Please check out this carbon footprint calculator from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to calculate your family’s carbon footprint. Find out what your family is already doing to lower their carbon footprint and learn 14 Easy Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint from National Geographic.

Can We Live Forever?

Check out this TED video featuring Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn on Telomeres and Aging. Reducing chronic stress could be key to giving us a chance of living a healthy long life.