Math 6

Course Outline (syllabus)

Chapter 9 – These videos may help

Mean, Median, and Mode

Chapter 7 – These videos may help

Identifying Independent and Dependent Variables

Chapter 6 – These videos may help

Introduction to the Coordinate Plane

Chapter 5 – These videos may help

Introduction to Ratios

Introduction to Rates

Representing a Number as a Decimal, Percent, and Fraction

Chapter 4 – These videos may help

Area of a Parallelogram

Finding Area of a Triangle

Area of Trapezoids

Chapter 3 – These videos may help

Factoring a Number

Factoring Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 2 – These videos may help

Dividing Decimals

Multiplying Decimals

Adding Decimals

Multiplying Fractions

Understanding Division of Fractions

Dividing Mixed Numbers

Pre-Course Assessment and Chapter 1 – These videos will help

Dividing by a two digit number

Adding fractions with unlike denominators

Adding Decimals

Subtracting Decimals

Prime and Composite Numbers

Order of Operations

GCF and LCM using the ladder method: read the explanation and watch the video 1/2 down the page